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Adoption Fee's: 

Puppies up to 3 months: $300
Ages 4 months to 1 year: $250
Ages 1 year to 6 years: $200
Ages 6 and older: $175 
Silver Paws:  Dog is age 6 and over and adopting party is age 55 or older.  Adoption fee is waived for the adopter thanks to the support from Paws For Love Foundation.

Each dog is up to date on vaccines, microchipped and if age appropriate spayed/neutered and well socialized with other dogs.

Also, each adoption comes with a thirty minute free training.

Adoption Hours
10342 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor, CA
Thursday - Saturday Noon-4PM

Wednesday by appointment

Are you ready to adopt?

  • Come in and speak with us to find the right match.  Allow time to talk and view available dogs with our adoption specialist.
  • Take the opportunity to get to know a dog or several dogs in our adopter meet and greet yard.
  • Request a tour of our pack environment.  Unlike traditional shelters or rescues, dogs available for adoption are housed together with other rescues and day care and boarding dogs through Kings Kastle, allowing us the ability to understand their temperament and how well they get along with other dogs.
  • Found a connection with one of our adoptable dogs?  Not completely sure if this dog is the right one?  Try our overnighter program, where you can take a dog home and see how well they will fit into your life.
  • Complete an adoption application and contract.   
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Agree to pay an adoption fee appropriate to the dogs age.

Let us help you find a dog that's the right match for your family and lifestyle.  Our adoption process is unique in that we spend a great deal of time with each animal learning about their temperament, energy levels, disposition, and social skills.  We also learn their quirks and characteristics, taking the responsibility of helping to make great matches very seriously.  In most cases, we encourage a 'date night' once a match is made, allowing all parties the opportunity to get to know one another a little better in their own home environment, improving the chances of making a successful match.  

Disclaimer:   Available dogs on our website are updated as frequently as we can, some details may change before the website can be updated.   Our adoption specialists will have the latest information.  We also cannot guarantee's about the dogs health.

Return Policy:  We strive to make great matches, especially after the date nights.  However, we remain committed to the dogs for the remainder of their lives and will accept dogs back by appointment, should it not work out.  When adopting we ask you throughly consider your readiness for adopting and to give the dog at least two weeks to adjust to their new home environment.

Adopt with the Green dog Rescue project

Adoption process