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Adoption Hours
10342 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor, CA
Thursday - Saturday Noon-4PM

Wednesday by appointment

Adopt with the Green dog Rescue project

Our adoption process is unique in that we spend a great deal of time with each animal learning about their temperament, energy levels, disposition, and social skills.  We also learn their quirks and characteristics, taking the responsibility of helping to make great matches very seriously.  Consider us the "" of the dog-to-human world.   We encourage a 'date night' once a match is made, allowing all parties the opportunity to get to know one another a little better in their own home environment, improving the chances of making a successful match.  

Consider a New Family Member Today


Where there are animals in need, we’ll be there.

Let us help you find a dog that's the right match for your family and lifestyle. 

Are you a couch potato looking for a pal to share the couch with you and take in a movie or game on Sunday?  We have a match for that.  Perhaps you are in training for a 10k run... First of all, congratulations, that's no easy task! However, it is a goal often easier to realize if you have someone to train with... and we have a match for that!  Or maybe you fall somewhere in between— active enough to stay fit, but can appreciate the value of taking a day off at the beach?  Again, we have a match for that!!!

We invite you to preview the dogs we have available, trust us to guide you to a great match, and if we don't have the right dog for you today, let us help you find the right dog somewhere out there.   Come visit the pack and experience "Adoption Day the Pack Way."   ​