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"Can't believe it's been a year already since we adopted Aspen (Axel). He has been a great addition to our family!"

Cleo came to Green Dog Rescue Project and waited very patiently to find a new family. Cleo was quickly a volunteer favorite, great on leash, smart, loves to do tricks for treats and just an all around wonderful dog.

Cleo went to several adoption events, but was either overlooked due to her senior age of 6 years or just never the right match. And then along came Deborah and Jerry; they had lost their beloved dog and were ready to bring a dog back into their lives. Cleo made an immediate connection and she packed her bags and moved in.

Aspen (Axel)

"I adopted the sweetest girl ... Rosie known as Rosetta Stone. I want to thank you from my heart for letting her rescue me! She is the sweetest most gentle and loving dog! She is with me every day at work and everyone who meets her loves her. She's doing great here."

"It's been four months since we brought our little love, Meelo, home from the Green Dog Rescue. I can not begin to explain how much joy and happiness this little guy has brought to our family. He makes my heart smile. We love him so much. Thank you Green Dog  for the work that you do!"


"Cyrus recently celebrated his 4th birthday last Saturday, and he got apples and bananas, and a doggy cupcake! So glad this gentle giant came into our lives a little over a year ago! Thank you Green Dog!"


"Levi still looks like a puppy! I don't know if his scruff will ever grow in! He's like a teenager with one or two chest hairs; it's hilarious. We think he's the cutest thing ever. He gets compliments all the time on how handsome he is!  He's perfect! We ALWAYS tell everyone that Green Dog Rescue IS the best!!"

Here are just some of our wonderful alums and adopters!



At the age of seven, Freeway came into our program severely matted,  with several lesions on his feet and legs, and blind in one eye , but was gentle as good be. He was loved by someone who could physically no longer care for him and it was important for him to have a place to recover from the impact of the neglect. Freeway endured hours of painful soaking baths to help heal the lesions, and multiple doctor visits to help with his eyes, coat and overall health.

 Jane had recently lost her dog Boomer. You could tell Jane loved Boomer so much, and she wanted to help another senior dog in honor of Boomer. She met Freeway and fell in love. He crawled into her lap and breathed a huge sigh of comfort. After they went on a two night visit together,  Freeway and Jane came in to finalize the paperwork. How did Jane know Freeway was the right dog for her? He laid down on the soft carpet at her home, stretched out on the floor gave another big sigh, rolled over onto his back, legs up in the air and began to snore. She knew in that moment he felt at home.

Great MatchES Are Made at Green Dog


"Today is Winnie's 'gotcha day' and what a perfect addition she has been. She brings so much love and joy to the entire family every day and I can assure you...she's loved and cared for so much right back. In the last year she's been to a great training class to help make sure she would adhere to commands that keep her safe, she's gained almost 50% of her original body weight which brings her to the perfect size and she's shared every single one of her nights in a bed with her canine brother Dash. The neighborhood fondly watches her prance on her walks and she's earned her nickname 'California Princess.'

I fondly remember walking in to see her a year ago with plans to drop some things off to make her airline cargo ride more comfortable. The INSTANT she was brought to me I knew our family couldn't wait even those couple of days for her to join us...I had to have her right then. The rest is history and I just wanted to take the opportunity today to thank you so much for all you do. Without you guys, our paths would never have crossed with Winnie, something we cannot imagine.

I'm attaching a pic of her taken just a little over a month ago which I think captures her perfectly. She sitting on her soft perch surveying her backyard, but staying close to her family."