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Green Dog Rescue Project uses the services of Automative Recovery Services

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Your donations are critical for helping Green Dog Rescue Project save dogs.  Every donation helps, no matter how small, so please make a donation today and help us save as many dogs as possible.  Here is what your donations can do:

  • $10 Microchip: Ensure a dog will always find their way back home.
  • $25 Vaccination Package: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella.
  • $50 will pay for a full Vet exam
  • $75 will feed our entire pack for a day!
  • $100 will refuel our rescue van, put us on the road to saving more lives. 
  • $200 will sponsor an adoption fee for a senior
  • $250 will pay for a spay or neuter surgery
  • $500 "I'm going home!" Provide a complete care package from vaccinations, spay/neuter, feeding, grooming, and training in preparation to finding a forever home where love will be priceless.

 Every dollar makes a difference!

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