Just perform your normal, everyday shopping with any of the companies below, and they will automatically donate a portion of your purchases to Green Dog Rescue Project.  You will need to register with them, but they do the rest automatically!


Oliver's will donate a portion of your purchases to Green Dog Rescue Project every time you shop with them.  All you need to do is go to their Customer Service desk and sign up for their Community Card.  When you register, make sure to have them link your card to Green Dog Rescue Project.  Our Group ID is 500211250.  Click Here for additional details.  


Chewy.com will donate $20 to Green Dog Rescue Project when you place your first order.  The donation applies to first time orders for new customers only, but even if you've already made purchases, continue to shop with them, so they can continue to support other animal shelters.  Click Here to start shopping!

Do you walk your dog?  If you do, please download the WoofTrax app on your smart phone, select Green Dog Rescue Project as your charity and then use the app every time you walk your dog.  WoofTrax will make a donation each time you go for a walk.  If you don’t walk your dog, then start!  Going for walks will benefit both you and your dog.  Just don’t forget to download the app!


Shop at our Sponsors!  Our Sponsors give so much to Green Dog Rescue Project, so make sure to support them by giving them your business.  They are all great organizations, so please show them how much your appreciate their support, by shopping with them!   

Donate By Shopping

GDRP Alumni Cleo in her Bee costume. 


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