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Foster, Fospice, and Hounds for the Holiday!

FOSTER - Is your home and heart big enough for a dog in need?  Our Foster, Fospice, and Hounds for the Holiday programs provide humans with a wonderful heart the opportunity to help a dog in need in a very different way.  Because we are blessed to have a facility where our dogs are able to "live", our foster program has been developed to promote a dog’s ability to 'transition' into a potential adopter’s home. Our Foster program families play an integral part in discovering a dog’s needs, comfort levels, and areas that need improvement.  With ongoing support, daily access to dog day care, respite care, and educational opportunities available to our fosters, we strive to make the Foster program experience unique, impactful, and enjoyable.  Our fosters also provide our dogs with a much needed break from the pack from time to time.  Going home for the weekend is often a wonderful treat for a dog that has spent a lengthy time in the pack.    

Foster with The Green dog Rescue project

Although GDRP provides a pack environment, we NEED YOUR HELP to enhance a dog's adoption prospects.  By fostering a dog through GDRP you will meet with a trainer or mentor to help you understand what you can do to help a specific dog acclimate to life in a home.  Perhaps you only have a weekend to spend with a dog, or want to consider opening your home over the holidays.  We offer training, equipment, veterinary care, day care, respite care, and guidance for each foster family in an effort to achieve
​our goals of finding great matches for every dog.   Contact us below to begin your journey as a certified GDRP Foster Care Provider.


FOSPICE - Although we do our very best to save as many lives as possible, we also find ourselves from time to time with a situation that we have no control over.  Consider little Misty, a 12-year-old Pekingese who lost her owner to a heart attack just prior to Christmas.  She was incredibly loved by her previous owner, and it was apparent that she was struggling after his departure.   It wasn't long before we discovered she was terminal with congenital heart failure.   This little girl needed a family with the heart to give her a soft place to sleep and rest during her final days... and the strength to let her go with love and gentleness.  It is never easy to lose one of our pack, but we know we can't save them all all of the time.  However, supporting them and providing comfort and love until their day arrives is a heroic task that is not always performed by the human species.  If you are one of those incredible heroes who can grow to love a dog in a short time, while knowing your time will be limited with them, we could sure use your help in our Fospice program.

HOUNDS FOR THE HOLIDAY! - Perhaps you don't believe you have the time or space to host a dog long term but wish you could enjoy the company of a dog for a day or two, don't lose heart.  In fact you are often one of the most valuable assets to the dogs of GDRP.  Although they thrive in the pack, we still fully understand the benefits of taking a break on occasion.  So, are you going to be home for the weekend? Have no big plans for the holidays and want some company?  Perhaps you are simply tired of the dating scene and would prefer to snuggle up to a pooch that will allow you a little unconditional love and kisses?  Well, consider our Hounds for the Holidays program and give a little love, a break from the pack, and a wonderful experience for both human and pooch.

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