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Become a Green Dog Rescue Project Volunteer

Green Dog Rescue Project offers two levels of volunteering.  

Adult volunteers ages 18 and up.  We ask that you consider a minimum of four hours per month.

Junior volunteers ages 10-17 years of age.  We ask that you consider a minimum of two hours per month.

Fostering - Fosters are needed for dogs who require a break from the pack or whom we need to have a better understanding of their temperament in a home environment.   To learn more about fostering.

Fostering puppies - We ask our puppy fosters to have a whelping environment available and are able to foster from birth - six weeks of age.

Outreach and adoption events - Green Dog Rescue Project holds several adoptption events, where we bring adoptable dogs out to public events.  We need volunteers who enjoy handling dogs, speaking with the public about Green Dog Rescue Project and who enjoy helping dogs find the right match.

Transportation - Interested volunteers will be asked to drive dogs to their vet appointments or drive dogs from shelters to Green Dog Rescue Project. 

Adoption Specialists - Enjoy working with the public and helping find the right match, enjoy handling dogs.  The more adoption specialists we have the more hours we can be open to the public.  Training provided.

Marketing and promotions - Enjoy sharing the word about our organization through social media, photography, videography, copywriting or online marketing, we can use your talents. Creation of newsletters, flyers, posters, ads, dog profile descriptions.

Dog Walking - complete your energy assessment, and let's get you assigned to helping a dog move towards adoptability.

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