The green dog rescue project Mission

Inspire Change, Educate and Save Lives.

The Green Dog Rescue Project introduces a nature-based philosophy to the animal welfare industry.  Our interests are to educate the community and industry in the methods and language of animals, in an effort to improve the manner in which we house homeless animals and minimize the lives lost as a result of behavior issues, poor social skills, overcrowding, and other traditional criteria.   

We are a “realistic” organization and understand that, due to over-breeding, genetic disorders, health issues, irreparable injuries, chemical imbalances, and various other severe psychological or physiological conditions, not every animal can be saved.  However, with over 9,000 animals a day in this country facing euthanasia, we believe that the highest majority of those animals are being euthanized unnecessarily.  

Through education and community outreach programs, GDRP teaches the language and social structure of dogs, mentors shelters willing to participate in pioneering industry wide changes in housing methods, and brings awareness and assistance to over breeding.  We provide retention training and counseling for families struggling with the decision to keep their pet due to behavior issues, guidance and counseling to families during the process of adopting a new pet, match senior dogs with the senior citizen community, and  offer social rehabilitation to dogs that have failed in traditional animal shelters.