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Green Dog Rescue Project's Rescued for a Reason Program transforms the lives of special dogs.

Corky is now a certified scent dog trained to help winemakers detect TCA, a contaminant found in cork.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”    ~ Albert Einstein  

Rescued for a Reason Program

About the trainer: Since teaming up with Green Dog Rescue Project, Debi DeShon of Mussel Dogs has trained several dogs for the Rescued for a Reason Program. To learn more about her, visit:

During our years of rescue work, certain dogs have made us stop and ponder their personality and purpose. They may be too energetic to ever be placed in a home  or so obsessed  with hunting down scents that they don't click with potential adopters.  Or, they may have such a presence that we simply know they are meant for greater things.  The Green Dog Rescue Project's Rescued for a Reason Program is designed to help those unique cases find their calling and realize their potential for a purposeful life.

Whether it is scent detection work, assisting a soldier with PTSD, Emotional Support Certification, or any other potential service-related job, we will make every effort to honor the calling of that dog and provide it the opportunity to have a long and purposeful life.  So far, our program has produced two certified PTSD service dogs who work with veterans, and two dogs who will work in scent detection for winemakers—Kassidy,  who can detect a yeast called Brettanomyces (Brett), and Mikey who has been certified to search for TCA,  a contaminant found in cork. Your support can help us promote and expand this program.