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surrender form

If you feel you need to surrender your dog, GDRP may be able to help.  Often we can resolve the problem by offering advice and training that removes the communication barriers between dog and human.  Although we make every effort to help you keep your pet in your home, sometimes we simply understand that it may not be a possibility.   A surrender committee meets weekly to review cases and then contacts the families that GDRP is able to commit to at that time.  Those that are not accepted at that time may remain on a 'consideration' list for future weekly reviews.​ We may also be able to  make a better match and will explore  our 'exchange' program.  

Please note that all privately surrendered dogs are required to be spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and accompanied by a full disclosure of behavior history.  Bite history and bad behavior does not exclude them from consideration; in order to help we need to know what the problems really are.  Your pet is depending on you to be as honest and thorough as possible.   A surrender fee of $500 is also required to assist with rehabilitation, housing, training, and medical care.  

If you are seeking to surrender your dog, please contact us at   Include as much information as possible, including the circumstances surrounding your decision, the age and breed of your dog, as well as any other information or pictures you feel may assist the committee in conducting their review.

As another option Green Dog Rescue Project endorses as another solution for finding your pet another loving home.

Private Surrender

​Although The Green Dog Rescue Project (GDRP) focuses on saving dogs at risk of euthanasia in shelters, 15% of the dogs in our care come to us through private surrender.  Each private surrender is subject to a review to determine if we have the space and resources to assist the recovery based on the dog’s disposition and the possibility of a new placement.  GDRP makes every effort to assist as many families as possible, and we do our very best to handle private surrenders with compassion, sincerity, and integrity.  We understand that sometimes "Life" happens and we are faced with making difficult decisions that may result in re-designing our family structure.  Perhaps it was simply a bad match resulting in a bad relationship, or maybe it is simply a case of a dog that the guardian lacks the skills to handle.  

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