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“There is no shortage of horror stories within the world of animal welfare...

However there are also amazing stories.”



As the United States first predominantly NON-Kennel Shelter Facility,

Green Dog Rescue Project proves that change is good

one rescue dog at a time.


our mission

10,000 dogs are being euthanized a day in shelters across the United States in part because we don't manage population well enough and also because we deem countless dogs "unadoptable" as we misread their behavior. Prior to it's conception, dog behaviorists and co-founders of GDRP, Colleen Combs and Douglas Keane couldn't understand why so many dogs they worked with at shelters would continue to be euthanized despite their efforts at training and rehoming them. In 2013, they created GDRP to make a greater difference for humans and dogs by educating the public on proper socialization of dogs to prevent problem behaviors from arising in the first place while rehabilitating dogs who are caught up in the vicious cycle of the shelter system.

Green Dog Rescue Project is different from all other rescue organizations in the country because rather than separate our rescue dogs in cages, we strive to rehabilitate them within a pack environment.