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Looking for that special someone?


Adoptions are done on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot not hold a dog for adoption until we have done an in-person interview with you to determine that you and the dog you’re interested in are a good match, and have received a non-refundable $50 deposit. The best way to ensure that you have a chance at adopting one of our dogs is to visit them during our adoption hours or book an appointment to meet them!

We offer a one week hold trial that allows you to take the dog home to gain a better idea of whether you’re ready to proceed to the adoption process. Click the ‘adopt’ or ‘foster’ button below any dogs profile to send us an interest application and we will follow up with you as soon as possible to schedule a meet and greet. If a dog is on hold or pending adoption, their profile may be visible but you won’t be able to submit an interest application for them.



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How To Meet Our Adoptable Dogs

  • Adoption hours are Thursday, Friday & Saturday between 12 - 4 PM onsite at our facility in Windsor, CA (no appointment needed).

  • We offer one-on-one meet and greets on Wednesday between 12 - 3 PM (by appointment only).

  • Contact us at or give us a call at 1-707-433-4377 to schedule an appointment or inquire for any more information.

Adoption rates:

  • PUPPIES (2 - 6 MONTHS) = $325

  • YOUNG DOGS (7 MONTHS - 1 YEAR) = $275

  • ADULT DOGS (1 - 5 YEARS) = $225

  • SENIORS (6 YEARS +) = $200



    Puppies through 6 months of age are not always spayed/neutered due to age. If they are unaltered at the time of adoption, the adopter agrees to spay/neuter at their expense no later than 8 months and provide proof to GDRP.

    Seniors are aged 6 years and older, and are candidates for sponsorship of adoption fees from the Silver Paws or Silver Paws for Vets grant program.

    Special needs dogs may have behavior, medical, or other special needs. They may be eligible for special adoption rates or have sponsors.

    A hold (7-day trial) allows you to take a dog home to get a better feel for one of our adoptable dogs to see if adoption is a good fit. The hold fee is nonrefundable, and applies to an adoption fee if you proceed to adopt. If you decide not to adopt after the 7 day hold trial, the hold fee can be applied to another dog within 3 months of the original hold trial.

Ready to Finalize Your Adoption?

Potential adopters on 7-day hold trials are eligible to complete their adoption payment online to save you a trip back to our facility, so you can spend your time with the new member of your family instead.

Simply select the adoption category for your dog below (as adoption rates vary by age), click on the rate that applies to you, complete your payment, and celebrate!

Adoption (Young, 7 months - 1 year)
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Adoption (Adult, 1 - 5 years)
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Adoption (Senior, 6 years +)
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