Pack Donor - Rehabilitation Fund

Pack Donor - Rehabilitation Fund

10.00 every month

Pack Donors contribute to helping us with the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual expenses of caring for our pack of rescue dogs.

Rehabilitation Pack Donors may not be in the trenches correcting problematic behaviors, however they allow us to take on more dogs in need of rehabilitative training.

We receive an average of 10 surrender applications each day, a majority of which are for dogs with bite records or aggressive behaviors, who would be deemed “unadoptable” and euthanized in a traditional shelter. An overwhelming majority of dogs we take in at our rescue would have been euthanized at any other shelter, however given more chances with rehabilitative training, they are able to find their forever home.

By becoming a Pack Donor for our dogs in need of rehabilitative training, you aren’t simply giving a second or third chance, but as many chances as it takes for a dog to be adopted into a family who understands and can handle them.

If you’d like to help out in a big way, become a Pack Donor today and give our dogs a lifesaving gift.